Nasia Turner, Owner of Sideline Images, is an Artist whose humble, soft-spoken demeanor is a stark contrast to the una- bashed political statements she presents to the world through her work. A self- taught painter who classifies her style as a hybrid of realism, pop and street art, she began painting in 2016 following a stint the army. The craft that served as a coping mechanism for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), has helpedTurner connect with her thoughts on what’s happening in the world, sharing itby way of creative expression in her work. What ranges from fun, vibrant illus- trations of classic TV and movie scenes starring your favorite Black actors andportraits of Black musicians from the 90’s (think Fresh Prince & Biggie Smalls) to very pointed representations of the world’s racial issues—which often in- clude mosh-ups of Black leaders from decades’ past sharing spaces with ouryoung Black voices of today (think President Obama, Bob Marley & J. Cole).Whether Turner’s art takes you down memory lane or raises your awareness,her brilliant body of work certainly gets you thinking.